I work closely with investors & founders to provide guidance as they develop a growth strategy, identify and recruit talent, and build the field operations across sales, marketing, business development and customer success.

Services offered as 24 month executive/founder advisory or 3 to 6 month fixed scope Go to Market strategic projects.


  • Prioritization of Strategic Initiatives
  • Identification of Ideal Customer Profile & Market Segment
  • Competition
  • Sales Process Discovery & Opportunity Pipeline Management
  • Sales Methodology
  • Messaging & Value Proposition
  • Go to Market Process Building
  • Talent & Team Structure
  • Role Frameworks

I build models, plans, processes, teams and cultures for success. Underpinned by twenty years of proven operator success across startups and global enterprises along with my core values of integrity, passion and contrarian thinking – I am excited to be part of your journey.